Values and Mission Statement

Core Values:

Victory Packaging strives to abide by our six core values in all aspects of our business.

Integrity - We act ethically. 
Family - We cherish our relationships. 
Excellence - We relentlessly pursue our best. 
Entrepreneurial - We continuously seek innovative solutions. 
Service - We go the extra mile. 
Profitability - We are dedicated to success.


Mission Statement:

We are Architects of Packaging Solutions.

Understanding our Motto: We are Architects of Packaging Solutions
This statement describes the core of our business. We are architects because we take on a basic commodity product and improve everything about the way it is produced, engineered, administered, and facilitated.

Breaking it DownWe...
We, includes every Victory Packaging employee as well as our suppliers and our customers. Every employee contributes to delivering innovative packaging and distribution services to our customers. We work with and depend on our suppliers to provide the materials we need to distribute to our customers efficiently.

Breaking it Down...are
We ARE Architects of Packaging Solutions. This is not a passive statement. We market ourselves as architects of packaging by explaining our unique customer-centric process for delivering improved packaging and distribution. Exemplifying this statement builds trust in our brand.

Breaking it Down...Architects
Traditional architects are experts in designing and engineering unique structural solutions. We are architects because we employ our solid expertise and our proven techniques to design, engineer and deliver custom solutions for all things packaging. We don’t just sell packaging; we are our customers’ architects of packaging.

Breaking it Down...of Packaging Solutions
Our business is strictly packaging and this is why we are successful. By specializing exclusively in this industry, we have the expertise, and a proven track-record of consistently innovating solutions for our customers’ packaging needs. We carry out solutions that go above and beyond every customer’s expectations.