Bubble Cushioning and Wrap

Bubble packaging solutions from industrial needs to consumer needs

Bubble is a multipurpose packaging solution that is a popular choice for packing, shipping and storage due to its ease of use and limitless options. Bubble satisfies a variety of packaging needs, which is why it is a preferred packaging solution choice from industrial companies to the person next door. At Victory Packaging, we understand our customers have different packaging needs, which is why we offer custom bubble solutions to meet a variety of applications.

Bubble Cushioning Rolls

Victory Packaging’s bubble cushioning rolls are excellent for everyday packing needs. These rolls serve as a cushion, protecting products and surfaces from breakage and scratches. Bubble cushioning rolls also protects products from movement inside a box.

Penguin Pack Foil Bubble

Our penguin pack foil bubble comes in the form of pouches and rolls. This insulated packaging solution does an exceptional job of keeping perishables such as groceries and meal kits fresh by regulating temperature during shipping or delivery.

Bubbles Bags and Pouches

Bubble bags and pouches offer great protection for small or loose items. We make these bags and pouches versatile enough for both industrial or consumer needs. These bubble solutions come with or without a self-seal lip and tape.

Victory Packaging offers the following bubble custom solutions:

  • Rolls sizes
  • Bubble heights
  • Cohesive and adhesive 
  • Performance types
  • Convert into any size or pouch
  • Lamination