Paper-Based Packaging

Protect your products with paper packaging and cushioning


With so many paper-based packaging choices, let the experts at Victory Packaging select the best packaging solution for your company’s needs. From SUS-RAP® to Honeycomb to paper cushioning, there is a packaging solution for all your business needs.

SUS-RAP® Packaging Solution

SUS-RAP® suspension protective wrapping offers maximum shipment protection for a variety of products. SUS-RAP® protective wrapping suspends in place, cushions, blocks and protects products from abrasion, while also eliminating corner damage.

SUS-RAP® Packaging Types


Available in three weights, Superflute offers maximum protection and can be custom cut to meet most packaging needs. Due to its fluted material and flat valley sections between flutes, it is an excellent packaging choice for round, oval and odd-shaped items.


The SUS-PAK® is an all-in-one packaging system that holds products wrapped in SUS-RAP® in a fitted box with built-in strapping slots. The benefits of this system include less packing time and reduced shipping time.


Honeycomb paper packaging is made out of custom-engineered kraft paper material and is a sustainable, 100% recyclable solution. Honeycomb is more durable than corrugated, and due to the amount of weight it can hold is often a less-expensive alternative to wood. A versatile protective packaging solution for a variety of applications, honeycomb is commonly used in transportation dunnage, shipment and packaging of products.

Our honeycomb product line includes:

  • Reverse slit score/slit score
  • Cookie-cut
  • Die-cut
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
  • Flat panels

Paper Cushioning

Paper cushioning provides protection for packaged goods of all sizes and weights. Our paper cushioning products include:

  • Corrugated wrap
  • Cohesive corrugated wrap
  • Industrial tissue paper
  • Cellulose wadding
  • Cushion wrap
  • Cellulose wadding custom wrap
The experts at Victory Packaging can find and customize the perfect paper-based packaging solution to fit your application needs.