Protective Foam

Protect your products and materials with protective foam

At Victory Packaging, our design experts can help you select the best type of protective foam to fit your product packaging needs. Our polyethylene, polyethylene extruded, micro and edge protection foam are made with optimum material to package and protect your products and materials.

Protective Foam Types

Polyethylene foam is closed-cell foam with a semi-rigid structure used in everything from packaging to shock absorption. Polyethylene foam is one of the most versatile and utilized types of foam in the market.

Polyethylene Foam Product Details:

  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent breathability that protects against moisture and mildew
  • Strong and rigid
  • Flexibility
  • Made of lightweight density materials
  • High-resistance to solvents and petroleum products
  • Antimicrobial

Polyethylene extruded foam is a durable, lightweight and resilient closed-cell material used in a wide range of products. From its use in insulating and wrapping pipes to its use in bags to protect goods and materials, polyethylene extruded foam’s flexibility makes it a popular choice.

Polyethylene Extruded Foam Product Details:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • High-resistance to moisture and chemicals
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Come in a wide range of densities and colors
  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Environmentally friendly properties
Microfoam® is made of lightweight material and has a high coefficient of friction that protects surfaces against shifting and moving. Microfoam’s® distinct qualities and range of characteristics make it an excellent choice for high gloss or Class-A surfaces, wrapping, lamination, food-delivery bags, vapor transmission and pipe insulation, among many other uses.

Microfoam® Product Details:

  • Exceptional buoyancy
  • Cost-effective
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent breathability that protects against moisture and mildew
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Will not tarnish or corrode sensitive metals

Edge Foam

Edge foam protects and cushions corner edges such as those found on doors, windows and frames.

With its high cushioning and compression strength, edge foam protects heavy items and items with sharp edges. Edge foam’s flexible L- or U-shape channels can wrap comfortably even on asymmetrical shapes.

Let Victory Packaging find the perfect edge foam for your products from our wide assortment and custom capabilities. At Victory Packaging, we offer edge foam that is:

  • Flexible and resilient
  • Crushproof
  • Non-abrasive
  • Laminated (optional)
  • Cost-effective
  • Sheet form, pouches or rolls