Secure your products with strapping


Poly Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is the most widely used strapped material by all our customers due to its exceptional characteristics. It is easy to apply and is the least-expensive strapping material. Poly strapping is ideal for packaging, sealing, bundling and securing products.

Available in hand grade and machine grade, our Victory Packaging strapping experts can determine what type of poly strapping best fits your needs.

Poly Banding

Polyester banding is a sturdier plastic than polypropylene. With its ability to stretch as much as 25% after application and conform to a settling load, polyester banding acts like a rubber band. Poly banding is frequently used where poly strapping use fails, such as in load shifting or strap breakage due to its ability to retain high tension for extended periods. Poly banding is easy to recycle and available in machine grade.

Zip Ties

Zip ties have a wide range of applications ranging from securing food packaging to acting as fasteners for cables and bundling wires together to prevent damage. We offer zip ties in a variety of sizes and styles to meet our customers’ specific needs. They are reusable and cost-effective.