Carton Tray Packaging System

Our custom beverage machine solutions help manufacturers can and bottle in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Victory Packaging offers carton tray packaging systems to enhance your beverage production line's efficiency and output. We offer more than 20 equipment options that enable unique multipack designs for a wide variety of bottles, cans, octagonal shaped aseptic packages and cups. Our efficient machinery is designed for the realities of today’s supply chain, and can pack your containers in a manner that saves you both time and money. Available 24/7 to answer any questions, our specialists give you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions when choosing carton tray packaging systems. Cutting-edge equipment paired with reliable support gives you the upper hand on your competition.

Carton Tray Packaging System Equipment + Support

Our experts will guide you in selecting the right carton tray packaging system for your business. Whether you need cans, bottles or both packaged, our equipment recommendations are based on our years of experience in the packaging industry. Count on our carton tray packaging system expertise with 24/7 support to be at your disposal. 

Carton Tray Packaging Systems

Packomatic® Case Erectors Hot Melt Sealer

DuoDozen® 1210 Combo
The DuoDozen 1210 Combo is a fully integrated packaging machine for cans and bottles. A fully integrated machine solution for beverage cans and bottles that wraps, groups, and tray packs.

Tray Packer
Forms beer tray and loads cans. From 4 pack to 24 pack configurations and at speeds up to 16 trays per minute, this compact system offers the flexibility for your operations. 

Can Cartoner
Can line automation. Provides you the speed and flexibility to take your operations to the next level by handling sizes from 12 ounce to 19 ounce, in 4 pack to 24 pack configurations and at speeds up to 25 cpm (12 pack).