Strapping Systems

Utilize our semi and fully automatic strapping systems to bundle products together, improve containment strength and to secure a load to a shipping pallet.


Strapping Machines are packaging machines that use bands of flat steel or plastic tightened around a package or pallet of goods and fasten together to secure the package. Straps can bundle products together, improve containment strength and to secure a load to a shipping pallet. Straps are made from a variety of materials (steel, high tensile steel, polypropylene, polyester and cordex) based on the required strength of the strap.

Built with the packaging industry's specifications in mind, our strapping machines and complete production line equipment are designed to power today's packaging lines with the best equipment on the market. Investing in strapping systems with optimize your production line and provide long-time benefits for your business, allowing you to significantly increase production and minimize downtime, and gain the upper hand against your competition. Count on our reliable 24/7 support and service to help you leverage the benefits of our optimized case sealers.

Strapping System Machinery + Support

Deciding which strapping system to invest in needs consideration. Victory Packaging's specialists help you choose the best strapping system for your business. Whether you're looking for semi-automatic or fully-automatic strapping systems, our equipment recommendations are based exactly on your production needs. Our equipment system expertise along with our 24/7 support will make choosing a strapping system an excellent investment. 

Strapping System Equipment Models

With Compression Without Compression
Robopac Compacta 4, 6, 9 & 12 Manual Horizontal Stretch Bundling Machine

PowerMaster Compression Strapping System        
The PowerMaster is easily integrated into existing production lines to create a seamless packaging system, including a wide variety of conveyors, turning devices, centering devices, printers, scanners, scales, etc.

Robopac EcoPlat Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapping Machine

VarioMaster 9440 Non-Compression Strapping System        
High performance side seal strapping machine for boxes or pallet loads.

Strapping-Systems_w-Compression_Wulftec_VarioMaster-9471-1.jpg VarioMaster 9471 Compression Strapping System        
Automatic high performance strapping machine for full pallet loads. For integration in powered conveyor line.
Robopac Rototech Automatic Overhead Stretch Wrapping Machine

VarioMaster 9460 Non-Compression Strapping System
Automatic high performance strapping machine for full pallet loads