Leadership, Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Quality Statement

Victory Packaging’s commitment to our customers is to be the “Best in Class” provider of advanced packaging solutions to the marketplace.

Victory Packaging’s Senior Management stands behind our services and continuously strives to improve our processes and capabilities by investing in state of the art design equipment, enhanced personnel training and development and continuous improvement programs such as lean methodology with an elimination of non-value added philosophy.

We actively support, promote and maintain an internal culture that respects and rewards the skills, loyalty and dedication of our employees. It is our employees whom have assisted in the development of new ideas and opportunities that have allowed Victory Packaging to be a step ahead of the packaging industry.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Victory Packaging is committed to customer satisfaction through performance excellence. To achieve our vision, we must continuously improve the quality of all products and services that we provide to our customers.

We are committed to doing so by using our most important resource (our employees at every level) to understand and continuously improve our processes. The management team is focused on providing the company with the best tools possible to succeed.

Victory Packaging is strongly committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. To accomplish this, quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our value chains assuring the highest level of customer value and satisfaction for our customers and employees.

Victory Packaging services encompass the design, sales, distribution, processing and value added services associated with the supply of packaging materials and related products. These products will be safe, effective and reliable for their intended purposes and will comply with all requirements and regulations for any locale in which we distribute. Our representation of our products and services will always be fair and understandable.

We are ISO 9001 certified in all of our locations within Victory Packaging and strategically positioning ourselves to become BRC, RBA (formerly EICC) and CTPAT certified at key locations, enabling our sales force a competitive advantage within the growing food industry.

Senior Management is committed to providing the company with the best tools possible to succeed including:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Plan Do Check Act
  • Process Failure Mode Effective Analysis
  • Problem Solving Tools