Specification Management

Cloud-based specification management provides speed, access and accuracy.

Providing accurate and up-to-date specification documents is an important feature of Victory Packaging’s total packaging solution. The CAD system utilized by Victory Packaging employs a centralized database that is web accessible worldwide; meaning that no matter the time of day or location of the user, Victory Packaging customers will be able to view the most current project documents.

Victory Packaging’s Engineering and Design Solutions Team is linked coast-to-coast through this cloud-based CAD system that allows instant access from around the world to every drawing in our system. Our engineers are able to conduct research by looking through past and present designs for specific customers and projects while also allowing collaboration with our customers at both corporate engineering locations and remote manufacturing sites “on the fly.” As a result, our work is not only fast, but also efficient and intuitive.

Our robust drawing management system provides multi-level offsite redundancy while ensuring both the accessibility and longevity of the system in the event of an emergency or disaster. All customer-specific specifications and drawings can be made directly available to credentialed customers and project participants, such as graphic artists and manufacturers. A “single source” spec management system superior to older technology eliminates the additional copies of files, resulting in always current, reliable and correct specification drawings.

Learn how Victory Packaging’s Engineering and Design Solutions Team used the CAD system to help an Automotive Parts Leader improve their existing packaging product.