Food Packaging

For food container and food packaging products, Victory Packaging provides superior quality, market appeal and product protection.

Food Packaging

Whether your company is large or small, with one location or many, Victory Packaging has food container and food packaging products to meet your needs. As national sustainable food packaging specialists, we also offer innovative food packaging solutions.


Food Segments Served

  • Food Processing
  • Produce - Vegetables and Fruit (fresh cut and bulk)
  • Proteins - Meat, Poultry, Fish
  • Specialty Proteins - Sausage, Hot Dogs and Links
  • Ethnic Foods
  • Bakery
  • Confections
  • Home Meal Replacement
  • Beverages

Food Container & Food Packaging Products

Bags and Pouches Film Structures
Bags Custom, Engineered Laminations and Extrusions
PE and PP Metalized
Reclosable (zipper/tin tie) Foil
Printed and Plain OPP and CPP
Wicketed PET
On a Roll PE/PP Produce Films
Large Format - Lawn and Garden Products Paper/Foil/PE
Master Bags (MAP) PET/Foil/PE
Drum Liners (Plain and MAP) Pre-zippered Inno-Lock
Tote Liners (Plain and MAP) Self Venting Technology for Cook-in Packaging
Pallet Covers Nylon Tubing
Stand-up Pouches  
Plain and Printed Packaging Films
Up to 12 Colors Plain and Printed
Zippered 12-Color Capability
Gusseted and Flat Bottom Co-extrusions and Laminations
Retort V/F/F/S and H/F/F/S
  Breathable and Barrier Lidding Films
Shrink Bags MAP and CAP Technology
Plain and Printed 10-Color Thermoforming
Bone Guard Protection PVC Over Wrap
Loose or Taped Shrink Films
  Bundling Films
Thermoforming Films Shrink Sleeves
Forming and Non-forming  
Plain and Printed Specialty Packaging
Flexo and Roto-Gravure Netting
12-Color Capability Bag and Box Technology
Co-extrusions and Laminations Soaker Pads
Low to High Barrier Coated Papers and Interleavers
Trays and Containers Vacuum Packaging
Custom, Engineered Laminations and Extrusions Vacuum Pouches
Metalized Foil Plain and Printed
OPP and CPP Flexo and Roto-Gravure
PET 12-Color Capability
PE/PP Produce Films Co-extrusions and Laminations
Paper/Foil/PE Standard and High Barrier
PET/Foil/PE 3, 4, and 5 Mil Stock
Pre-zippered Inno-Lock Gusseted and Zippered
Self Venting Technology for Cook-in Packaging 40# Cheese Pouches
Nylon Tubing  
Foam and PLA Trays  

Innovative Food Packaging

Victory Packaging offers innovative food packaging products that are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.


Heat Seal Packs

  • Extended shelf life
  • 100% tamper evident
  • Recyclable PE board
  • Microwaveable where content allows
  • Custom print and sizes
  • Fast and easy sealing process

Pot and Lid Packaging

  • Extended shelf life
  • Better shelf visibility
  • 100% tamper evident
  • Next generation deli cup
  • Suitable for wet foods
  • Custom print and sizes


  • Compostable
  • Peel or lock seal
  • Ovenable
  • Microwaveable