Stand-up Pouch Packaging

Extend the shelf life of liquid products with our innovative stand-up pouch packaging solutions.

Stand-up Pouch Packaging

Available in several formats, our stand-up pouches are effectively used in a variety of markets including beverages, dairy, fruit and vegetables, other foods and household cleaning. Our stand-up pouches are lightweight, unbreakable and need no additional outer packaging. Consumers like stand-up pouches because they're ready for immediate use and can be easily carried and stored.

To promote your brand, we provide high-quality printing and also offer semi-automatic and automatic filling equipment to optimize your packaging line.

Benefits of Our Stand-up Pouch Packaging

  • Delivers customer convenience
  • Maximizes your product's shelf life
  • Minimizes product waste
  • Protects against product damage
  • Uses less packaging material
  • Offers a lower carbon footprint
  • Leads to increased sales