E-commerce and Supply Chain Solutions

Partner with Victory Packaging and optimize your logistics and supply chain management to increase service levels to your customers.


As an e-commerce and supply chain solutions provider, we help optimize your logistics and supply chain management to increase service levels to your customers by being your single source provider. We will partner with you to understand your challenges and present custom logistics management solutions in your supply chain.

From packaging and assembly to supply chain management, we are uniquely skilled in making all components part of a custom program that saves our customers money and delivers superior service.

Packaging & Assembly

Long-time experts in e-commerce, we provide complete engineering and design capabilities across multiple substrates. We understand the importance of speed to market. With 17 design labs across the country, our Packaging Engineering and Design Solutions Team create customized packaging solutions that are highly effective, material neutral, and cost optimized. In addition, we can create branded packaging that enhances product presentation and customer experience. We serve as your one point of contact to handle all the packaging needs of your customers across multiple industries. From concept to completion we can provide you with all the packaging and shipping supplies needed as well as process flow improvements through equipment automation.

BoxSizer® Intelligent Right-Sizing Technology. Multi-award winning BoxSizer is the only stand-alone e-commerce packaging machine that continuously reduces multiple footprint box sizes. It does this dynamically on-demand without stopping for changeover, making it ideal for B2B and B2C applications. By ensuring optimal DIM weight, the BoxSizer platform can lower total carbon footprint and improve sustainability. Additionally, right-sized packages keep products secure and neat while making packaging easier to open for end customers.

Meta® e. Meta® e cases are a completely recyclable e-commerce packaging solution for pure play and omni-channel retailers. The single SKU corrugated case and cohesive paper solution is available as an automated on-site flexible package as well as a knock-down flat case for distribution centers and back-of- house fulfillment operations. Meta® e eliminates scrap, reduces space requirements, and lowers cost.

BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up in Store)

BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick Up in Store. It’s also called ‘click and collect.’ It allows customers to pick out items online through an app or site and then pick up their items at a brick and mortar store near them. The concept is straightforward, but as we’ll explore, there are necessary steps to maximizing BOPIS efficiency to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

What You Need to Implement a Strong BOPIS Strategy
  • Digital Presence
  • Strong Communication    
  • A Storefront
  • Connected Fulfillment
  • Training
  • Awareness
If you’re ready to integrate BOPIS into your offerings, Victory Packaging’s e-commerce and supply chain solutions are ready to help. Make sure your inventory is always in the right place so that your customers can seamlessly click and collect.

Supply Chain Management

With 65 locations across North America, we have the national footprint to meet the requirements of the largest, most complex company, supported by a service program that empowers our local people to anticipate needs and exceed expectations. Our national network includes more than 6 million square feet of warehouse space, approximately 400 delivery vehicles and 1,700 team members to optimize your supply chain packaging. When it comes to logistics management solutions, our supply chain management expertise scales to your needs. We can provide you with additional warehousing space and assist with inventory management through custom on site VMI programs and JIT delivery services.