Forming Packaging

Optimize your operation and product functionality with our forming packaging solutions.

Case Erector Equipment

When it comes to the best forming packaging solutions in the industry, Victory Packaging has the knowledge and innovation to keep your business ahead of the competition. Our team of experts analyzes your specific needs and develops the appropriate formed packaging solutions. We specialize in solutions for the food and horticulture industries by creating attractive and functional vacuum formed packaging including plastic shipping trays, clamshell packaging, display trays and more. Our goal is to optimize and streamline your packaging operation and provide technical support throughout the whole process. 

Formed Packaging Specialists

Our industry experts understand how efficient forming packaging solutions in the food and horticulture industries impact your business. We analyze which vacuum formed packaging solution is best for the size and needs of your business and identify the quality and price of each product to ensure you only pay for what you need. Based on our vast experience, we help you choose the right material for your product, including PET, PVC, HDPE and many others. Our cost-effective forming packaging solutions for the food and horticulture industries significantly lower material costs, packaging waste and other critical resources.

Food Packaging

When it comes to the food industry, our formed packaging experts help you identify the right product for your application. We offer a complete line of products in the food industry from the best manufacturers in the business. Our quality control standards along with our efficient thermoforming capabilities allow us to deliver custom-formed packaging solutions. We are able to produce small and large volumes of food packaging products from a wide range of food grade materials. Some of our food packaging products include:

  • Plastic shipping trays
  • Plastic and foam cups
  • Plastic and foam dinnerware
  • Accessories including lids and silverware
  • Clamshell packaging 

Horticulture Packaging

As leaders in the horticulture packaging industry, our formed packaging professionals offer custom-created horticultural thermoformers specific for your application. Our comprehensive line of products for the horticulture industry covers a wide variety of applications with strict quality control standards in place. In addition, we offer labeling and printing services to make your product stand out from the rest. Our commitment to creating efficient horticulture formed packaging products in an environmentally-conscious manner results in cost-effective products for your business needs. Some of our horticulture packaging products include:

  • Plastic pots
  • Plastic trays
  • Molded trays
  • Flats and inserts
  • Baskets and carriers