Smart Packaging

Enhance your operational processes and product packaging with our smart packaging solutions.

Smart Packaging

Traditional food packaging containers lack the advanced technologies found in smart packaging. As a leader in smart packaging and active packaging solutions, Victory Packaging utilizes leading-edge smart packaging technologies to keep food safer and better for you. Our experts are well versed on the latest technologies and features to reduce food deterioration and contamination. We evaluate your business and find the right smart packaging solution for your food applications to keep you ahead of the competition. 

Smart Packaging and Active Packaging Specialists

Our experts leverage the power of smart packaging to ensure the safety and quality of every food product. By keeping up with expanding technologies to assure freshness in everyday products, our packaging experts understand the importance shoppers put on quality and develop solutions based on those expectations. We design smart packaging solutions to enhance your packaging line and identify which products are best for your application. Our cost-effective approach to smart packaging also includes creating custom-made products for your specific needs using the latest materials. Let the Victory Packaging team show you how advanced smart packaging solutions are environmentally safe, recyclable and cost-effective for your entire business.

Smart Packaging in the Food Industry

New technologies like smart packaging are changing the way the food industry operates. Consumers are now equipped with more information than ever when making a purchase. Smart packaging is designed to keep food as fresh as possible while delivering vital information to consumers. Some of our innovative smart packaging technologies include:

  • Freshness monitor
  • Longer shelf life
  • Trackers for quality control and recalls
  • Seal of authentication
  • Oxygen absorbers
  • Anti-bacteria agents

As the smart packaging and active packaging industry grows with additional technologies, we will continue to implement the ones best suited for your application. Smart packaging has the power to defeat longstanding challenges in the food packaging industry while giving consumers safer and better options.