Innovative Packaging Design Solutions

Victory Packaging’s engineered solutions turn ideas and concepts into tangible solutions.

Protoyping-Screens.jpgWe are packaging supply chain experts. Creating unique packaging design solutions is what Victory Packaging’s Engineering and Design Solutions Team does best. From improving existing packaging to creating a packaging solution for a new product, our engineers will deliver top quality solutions for your company. With design labs across North America and extensive in-house testing capabilities, our experienced packaging engineers will deliver real value to your company’s unique packaging needs.

Packaging Design Prototyping

Victory Packaging’s Engineering and Design Solutions Team provides analysis and maximizes effectiveness while mitigating potential issues to ensure our customers receive unmatched service. We have the capability to show how a new packaging design will look when palletized, complete with graphics and product. Our engineering team is fully capable of new product development from the inception of the conceptual structure to graphic design and 3D renderings. Our in-house software allows engineers to quickly produce detailed prototypes that can then be used for customer testing and approval. We understand the value of keeping up with market changes to help meet our customer’s needs. This allows Victory Packaging’s customers to keep up with current trends and to increase profits by delivering their products to market faster.

Material Neutral Packaging Design

We engineer highly effective packaging solutions based on optimal costs with the best material application. At Victory Packaging, we pride ourselves in being material neutral. Rather than attempt to design a solution  into our preferred product, we work to develop the best packaging solution according to your needs and requirements, regardless of the medium. Our Packaging Engineering and Design Solutions Team comes from a wide variety of industries and dedicates time to constantly seeking increased knowledge in an ever-growing number of industries. Corrugated, foams, plastics, flexibles, molded pulp, folding carton and a myriad of specialized industries are all within our expertise. This ensures that we will provide the best material for your packaging solution.

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