Sustainable Operations

We have a paperless payroll and HR system in place. Quality, purchasing, engineering, sales, training documents and reports are all paperless and accessible through the Victory Packaging intranet.


Sustainable Operations

Our Engineering team continuously explores areas in the packaging supply chain which can generate improvements to reduce packaging waste. We work closely with our customers to help them reach their sustainability targets. Victory Packaging has been very successful in redesigning their packaging systems to reduce raw materials, eliminate excess material waste, improve stacking designs in order to maximize the pallet, truck and carton space utilization while maintaining or improving the packaging strength. The end result is reduction in fuel consumption and carbon footprint aligning with our client’s “green” initiatives. Our primary goal is to manage costs for our customers. We do so, largely, by reducing fiber through redesign and increasing the utilization of transportation resources creating “green” solutions.

Additionally Victory Packaging’s key national suppliers are committed to sustainability in general and SFI certification in particular. 


We make a concerted effort to reduce fuel consumption through our vehicle maintenance programs. We manage our driving fleet better by making delivery trips for multiple sites to avoid excess mileage on vehicles which helps to cut emissions and fuel costs. Additionally, we frequently update our fleet of trucks investing in more fuel efficient styles of vehicles.

Victory Packaging is engaged in a process to revamp our facilities and make them more energy efficient. We utilize energy efficient lighting in most of our warehouses and electric forklifts in many of our locations, rather than using gas operated equipment. Additionally, all lights and desk monitors are turned off when not in use.

We have made great strides towards going completely paperless by sending and receiving payments, orders and invoices electronically. We utilize this electronic system to process and manage our customer’s product.


We send and receive faxes via e-fax, scan and share documents electronically internally and externally to save on unnecessary paper waste and energy due to the printing. All ink, printer and copier cartridges are recycled and reused as well as the utilization of bins for recycled paper and aluminum cans. We replace standalone equipment with multifunction systems wherever possible, to reduce energy consumption.