Stretch Film 

Protect your products during shipment with our stretch film solutions.

SW.jpgVictory Packaging offers many packaging solutions including stretch film. Our experts will work to evaluate your stretch film needs and provide your company with the best stretch film solution to optimize your packaging strategy.

Stretch Film Uses

Stretch films can be used for a variety of applications including stability improvement of items on pallets and protecting products from moisture. Victory Packaging’s stretch film experts will keep several factors in mind while evaluating your stretch film needs including the application for the film, the type of machine used in the application, where your pallet ships to, and where it is stored.

Our packaging experts will also gauge to determine the correct film, thickness, and overlap to make sure your entire pallet load is secure from top to bottom and left to right. Gauging helps our packaging experts to find a film that will reduce damage during shipping and storage, optimize wrap cycle time, and calculate the amount of film needed while still optimizing costs.

Stretch Film Types

Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch films can be used for many different applications across hundreds of industries and have unparalleled puncture resistance. Machine stretch films are designed to work with a range of machines and equipment. They also provide increased load retention and reduce damage resistance.
We offer a wide range of machine film with the following characteristics:

  • Ability to stretch up to 300 percent
  • Adhesion of all film layers
  • Pre-stretch up to 250 percent
  • Enhanced strength and stretch 
  • High load holding 
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Superior extrusion technology
  • Cost-effective 

Specialty Stretch Film

Specialty stretch films are designed to meet your specific packaging needs that machine stretch films cannot match. Unique and tailored to your company’s specific needs, specialty stretch films will be able to function for any needs you have including color coding for easy shipment and UV protection for pallets stored outside.

Types of Stretch Film Include:

  • Color tinted
  • Opaque
  • Vented
  • Performance wrap machine stretch
Our trained experts can find the best hand or machine stretch wrap for your application needs.