Vacuum Packaging

Protect your product from environmental influences with our vacuum packaging solutions.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging for Freshness and Longevity

As a major supplier to the food industry, we offer standard and custom vacuum packaging solutions that extract oxygen, reduce oxidation and protect food products, helping them to stay flavorful and fresher longer. Our vacuum packaging enables foods to resist freezer burn and retain their natural colors and textures, maximizing consumer appeal.

In addition, we provide the most advanced modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solutions to extend the shelf life of perishable food items. We also offer popular thermal forming as an economical packaging solution that conforms to your product, protecting it in a sealed environment.

For industrial and consumer products, our vacuum packing solutions provide a protective barrier against dust, moisture and oxidation, ensuring your product's longevity.

Available for customization, our vacuum packaging solutions are also available in eco-friendly and compostable options.

Our Vacuum Packaging Expertise

  • Vacuum packs
  • Vacuum packaging supplies
  • Vacuum bags and pouches
  • MAP packaging films
  • Forming and non-forming films
  • Forming trays
  • Tray sealers