Case Sealers

Enhance your production line's efficiency and output with our optimized case sealers and industry expertise.

Victory Packaging offers optimized case sealers, taping machines and box tapers to enhance your production line and increase output. Previous case sealers lacked the ability to keep up with the rigorous demands of current production lines. Today's growing businesses needed a better answer. They need fully-automated case sealers to increase their production.

Built with the packaging industry's specifications in mind, our efficient case sealers and complete production line equipment are designed to power today's packaging lines with the best equipment on the market. Investing in modern case sealers will reap long-time benefits for your business, allowing you to significantly increase production and minimize downtime, and gain the upper hand against your competition. Count on our reliable 24/7 support and service to help you leverage the benefits of our optimized case sealers.

Case Sealer Machinery + Support

Deciding which case sealer to invest in needs thoughtful consideration. Victory Packaging's specialists help you choose the best case sealer, taping machines and box tapers for your business. Whether you're looking for semi-automatic or fully-automatic case sealers, our equipment recommendations are based exactly on your production needs. Our case sealer expertise along with our 24/7 support will make choosing a modern case sealer an excellent investment. 

Case Sealer Equipment Model

Uniform Semi-Auto Flap Folder Case Sealer

Case Sealer
WestRock’s Packomatic Case Sealers offer tremendous reliability and efficiency for all users of RSC, HSC and FOL shipping containers. Our case sealers work at speeds approaching 50 cases per minute and are manufactured with heavy duty welded carbon steel construction with top quality, name-brand industrial-grade components. Ergonomic design provides an efficient, increased workflow and jam clearance. We offer a variety of semi- and fully-automatic models and either hot melt adhesive or tape closure systems.