Flexible Packaging

Keep your products fresh, protected and attractively displayed with our flexible packaging for food products.

Flexible Packaging

Global resourcing is playing a key role in helping companies remain competitive in the North American marketplace. Victory Packaging has the experience and know-how to help make your transition from local vendors to global suppliers simple and seamless because we handle everything from manufacturing to door-to-door transportation for one low price. Whether your company is a multinational or a "Mom & Pop," we will prove to be a strategic partner in providing low minimums, fast delivery, high quality printing, excellent service and low prices. Let Victory Packaging be your one stop for all of your packaging needs.

Our Flexible Food Packaging Solutions

Forming or Non-Forming Printed Films
Forming and non-forming films are available in a variety of structures from peelable to cook-in. Put your best picture on this roll stock with rotogravure or flexo printing in up to 10 colors.

Foil or Metalized Roll Stock
Foil laminates and metalized roll stock are available in a variety of gauges for superior barrier quality and attractiveness, respectively. Available in rotogravure printing up to 8 colors.

Lid Stock
Lid stock solutions are available for prepackaged food products. Lid stock can be applied to PP or PS trays. 

Cold Seal Adhesive Films
Available in a variety of multiple layer or single layer substrates, cold seal adhesive material can be run on VFFS machines or on flow wrappers.

Microwave/Boilable Films
These specially designed films allow the consumer to cook or heat the product without having to puncture or peel back the cover of the package. This process allows the moisture to remain in the package and product during the heating process, resulting in a superior quality finished product.

Liquid Bulk Packaging Systems
Available in several sizes and styles.  Our disposable liquid bulk container is the most economical and efficient bulk packaging used for liquid foods and non-hazardous chemicals.

Stand-up Pouch Packaging
Available in several formats. Our stand-up pouches are lightweight, unbreakable and need no additional outer packaging.

Skin Packaging
Appealing and cost-effective, skin packaging is produced by placing your product on custom-printed and coated paperboard, surrounding it with heated plastic film, and using a vacuum to tightly draw the film to the product and board.

Vacuum Packaging
Our standard and custom vacuum packaging solutions extract oxygen, reduce oxidation and protect food products so they stay flavorful and fresher longer.

Flexible Food Packaging Applications

Available Construction/Features of Our Flexible Packaging for Food Products

  • Coextruded
  • Multiextruded
  • Laminated
  • Breathable
  • Boilable
  • Microwaveable
  • Retortable
  • Metalized
  • Demetalized
  • Freezable
  • Tamper Evident
  • Resealable
  • Hi Density
  • Low Density
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Aluminum
  • Foil